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What is a 'Virtual Consultation'?

You read our website, read our reviews, our values and what we do, and decided, they are IT! We are so happy to hear we fit your needs!

The Wag Factor specialize in midday dog walking for working pet parents who want their pups to feel comfortable while they are at work all day. We help to break up their day, provide them with love, exercise and a chance to relieve themselves. But before we can get started, we need to meet you and your furry friend!

We do this via Virtual Consultations! We’d love to tell you about the perks and benefits of doing our consultations this way!

The process of virtual consultations is as follows:

  1. You’ll choose the best time and date for your schedule via Calendly. This keeps the process automatic, convenient, and avoids us emailing back and fourth.

  2. We will send you a zoom link so you’re ready when the time comes!

  3. We will connect via zoom! During the consultation, you can show us where to enter your home, where your dog will be, the location of the leash, water bowl, etc.

The best part? We record these meetings! Therefore, any walker who comes to walk your dog will know the routine! This helps us provide consistency for our visits, regardless of which of our team members does the visit.

If anything changes with your routine or you need to update something, you can simply add a note in your client portal so we know! It’s that simple!

Our goal is to keep your dogs routine consistent so they are comfortable and so you both know what to expect with The Wag Factor!


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