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Our story: The Wag Factor

Updated: Feb 8, 2022

Since 2015, we've been serving busy pet parents and we are so passionate about what we do! We'd love to share with you our story and how The Wag Factor came about.

How we got started

When my husband, Noah, and I first adopted our dog, Moe, everything was new and scary for us. Even though we had both grown up with family pets, Moe was our first dog as a married couple. Moe was everything...still is! We needed the best care for him. One issue we ran into was that we were both working long hours. At the time, Noah was a firefighter and worked 24 hour shifts. I worked in an office, 9am-6pm. Moe couldn't be alone that long! Every day on my lunch break, I'd speed home so I could let him out and spend time with him. It was exhausting and traffic could be unpredictable. After a lot of brainstorming and not being happy in my job, The Wag Factor was born!

Our priority as a local business

Once I decided to go all in with The Wag Factor, I knew that my big goal was to help working professionals. Humans love their animals SO much and want the best care for them. I wouldn't trust the neighborhood kid to give my dogs the love and attention they deserve on a regular basis. That's where we come in! The Wag Factor was created to support busy pet parents and give them peace of mind knowing that a trustworthy walker/business will be there to give their beloved pet the attention they so deserve.

You can count on us

Our team goes through a whole vetting process to give them the best knowledge and ability to take care of your pup! We work with puppies all the way to senior dogs and we understand that every need is different and our services must be customizable. A typical visit for us is 30 minutes long and doesn't always look the same from client to client. Sometimes our visits are strictly a fast-paced walk to release some mid-day energy. Other times, it's a potty break for relief and play or cuddle time inside because your pet may just need some afternoon company. We do everything we can to fit your pets' needs.

To summarize

It's our passion to bring the Low Country reliable, trustworthy pet care. We specialize in mid-day dog walks and we promise, you won't be disappointed. Our clients love when they receive our updates which include pictures, a message, and a report card. Learn more about how we can make your work days a little less stressful and give your dog the afternoon of their dreams!


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